About Us

Taking place on the first Sunday of every month, from 9.30am until 2pm, the Farmer's Market offers over 20 stalls of locally grown and sourced produce.

You can expect products to be fresh and great value for money.

From meats, cheeses, dairy products and pies to crafts, gifts and unusual items - A trip to Helmshore is not complete without a trip to the Farmer's Market.

You will be made most welcome!

Community Benefits

Farmers / producers sell directly to consumers, minimising costs by circumventing the middleman.

Our customers get to buy direct from the farmer/producer and can obtain organic fruits and vegetables from Certified Organic farmers.

Enjoy fresh, seasonally-grown food that was produced within a driveable distance from their homes ensuring more capital remains in the community.

History Of The Farmer's Market

Farmer's Markets are worldwide and reflect their area's culture and economy. Their size ranges from a few stalls to 100's.

In some cultures, live animals, imported delicacies unavailable locally, and personal goods and crafts are sold on the day. Such markets were commonplace before the industrial age but most were replaced in modernized cities with grocery stores and supermarkets that sell food that is usually produced, packaged, shipped from remote places.

Farmer's Markets often feature produce grown naturally or organically, meats that are raised humanely on pasture, handmade farmstead cheeses, eggs and poultry from free-range fowl, as well as heirloom produce and heritage breeds of meat and fowl.

Produce found at Farmer's Markets is renowned for being locally grown and very fresh. People argue Farmer's Markets allow farmers to pick produce at the peak of flavour, preserve the nutritional content of fresh produce, since locally grown produce does not travel as far to get to your table.